QU Hosted Hypnotist in Hawk’s Hangout

By Ashlynn Worley

Julianna Basler, sophomore, had seen a hypnotist show before, but never thought she would fall for it herself.

What started as a quiet, empty space quickly filled with people erupting in laughter. Music was playing softly in the background with murmurs of an anxious audience in the air. Some skepticism surrounded the start of the evening.

Students, staff and even a few community members took a seat Friday evening in the Hawk’s Hangout and gathered around in anticipation of the show to start.

Comedy hypnotist Chris Jones drove five hours from his hometown in Chicago to take center stage at Quincy University once again.

Jones cracked some jokes to break the ice before giving simple instructions on how his performance would work. The crowd gaped in amazement as one by one, Jones put some members of the audience in a deep sleep.

“I felt like I was just out of it like I don’t even know how to describe it. Then, I just woke up when he [Jones] told me to wake up,” Basler said.

In December 2015, Jones auditioned for America’s Got Talent, hypnotized Howie Mandel, and kept it a secret for five months. The day after the show aired, Jones received thousands of emails from people all over the world requesting to be hypnotized.

A QU student actually recognized Jones from a previous performance and asked to take a selfie.

“It was a good crowd. This room was really good because I have been in the cafeteria before and it doesn’t get full and so it’s like, oh OK, but being a little bit uncomfortable creates more laughter,” Jones said after the show.

He not only entertains people for a living, but Jones inspires people. He created a video to help people who are trying to stop smoking, lose weight, or struggle with depression and much more through hypnosis.

The Campus Activities Board is the main programming organization on campus, run by students. CAB is responsible for finding and booking talents like Jones, as well as homecoming and other events.

CAB President Quincy Fuehne said when it comes to advertising for an event and drawing in bigger crowds, word-of-mouth is influential.

“I suggest everyone joining CAB because you get your foot in the door and you get to decide. If you are going to complain about what’s happening on campus you can’t until you come to a meeting and say what you want. This is how you get entertainment on campus,” Fuehne said.

If students want to see a specific event happen on campus, they must get approval through CAB first.

Fuehne also said with the change in administration, CAB has big plans in store for this semester. Future events include an upcoming ski trip and the hawk wild event.

The first 50 people who attended the hypnotist show were entered for a chance to win a raffle prize. The winners received a gift card to Wal-Mart or another local business.

“I would do it [hypnosis] again. I think everyone should experience it because it was totally interesting. It was fun and everyone should try at some point,” Basler said.

The hypnotist was headed back home to prepare for his next performance in Philadelphia. Jones said he hopes to return to Quincy University in the future.




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