Best News Organization’s Social Media Guidelines

Student editors who are managing and maintaining QU Media’s Facebook page must:

  1. Be trained and knowledgeable in Social Media Management.  Must be a Junior or Senior in Communication program studying journalism in order to be eligible for an editor’s position.
  2. Follow the University’s polices, procedures, regulations and guidelines.  Keep in mind when posting for QU Media, that you are representing our logo, brand, and your audience is the Quincy community and school as an entire entity.
  3. Maintain professionalism. Posting for QU Media and to your private Facebook should be kept professional and public. If you post anything related to QU Media on your personal Facebook page, you must include a link to the QU Media website. This also applies to reporters.
  4. Be credited for your post. Do not misuse copyright or trademark or use slander. You are liable for any negative repercussions resulting from your post.
  5. Vet all stories and sources. Verify facts and make sure you use legitimate sources.
  6. Differentiate and distinguish the difference between opinions and facts. Let your audience know when you are posting your personal opinion (editorial) versus a factual based post.
  7. All controversial posts must be approved by communication professors. If posting about a sensitive subject, must have approval by all QU Media communication professors.
  8. Be original.  Do not share, re-post, or re-blog content.
  9. Be aware of consequences of “wrongful practices.” Follow and be conscious of QU Media guidelines and general social media practices while posting. Be responsible. Do not use click bait. Do not sensationalize stories or embellish.
  10. Engagement. Your goal as a social media manager for QU Media should be to increase engagement and page likes. Post at least once a day to our Facebook page. Create a live video at least once a week pertaining to any current issues on campus or community. Reply to all comments and use the three strike rule when it comes to trolling on your post.

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