On The Outside Looking In

After documenting my daily life, I have come to the sad realization that my accurate life has the ability to bore anyone to tears! Comparing my accurate day to my unfiltered day, there are a couple noticeable differences. My unfiltered day is simple, basically consisting of parts of my daily routine like first thing in the morning waking up and looking out the window to see the weather, going to and from class or places around the library which lately has felt more like my second home. My filtered day is composed of much more interesting and appealing photographs. I include a selfie and a picture of a friend whereas in my accurate day I do not introduce pictures of myself or other people.

My accurate day is just that… accurate. Besides eating, going to the gym, showering and sleeping, pretty well everything else I do on a daily basis was documented in my unfiltered day photographs. Even in my filtered photos, there is not a noticeable change of scenery. I took the same type of photos just with added filters, different lighting and angles to make it intriguing to the eye and inspirational to the mind. Visually, I try to practice presenting myself through a unique, different perspective. I do not enjoy posting a hundred pictures of myself but rather I’ll post something out of the ordinary, comedic or alluring.

Honestly, considering what my classmates may think about my average life affected my photos more than I would like to admit. I have always been an advocate of being yourself and not to let society’s judgemental status dictate who you are. However, the way you present yourself through social media says a lot about who you are in “real life.” I think it is pretty safe to say that we all worry about how people will perceive us. We put a little too much thought into our posts rather than something that seriously matters such as politics or schoolwork. I have never been one to be super consumed about what people may think my life is like on the outside looking in on social media.

I may seem to be contradicting myself here when I say that I, just like everyone else, prejudge people based solely on the pictures they post on social media. For example, if you are a selfie queen and post multiple pictures of yourself everyday then I would easily assume you are conceded and have nothing better to do than bless social media with your presence. Dependent upon my relationship to the other person, I still tend to judge more harshly than I know I should. I feel like humans are programmed to judge quickly; your first impression is everything and social media makes no exception.

The slide show of my “daily life” is definitely just chipping away at the surface of myself. I am not the type of girl who post what I am doing every second of every minute of every day. If I think I have something that people would enjoy seeing or reading, then I will share it. While preparing for this slideshow presentation, I would have to say thankfully, I did not experience any ethical concerns while documenting my daily life.


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